The Very First Post

This blog is about our life and my attempts to lead one that is simple and grounded. Three years ago we moved from a major city to a small town in the middle of the country. We wanted a simple life for ourselves and our soon-to-arrive first-born. It was quite the shift. While I found the pace of our new life refreshing I quickly learned that there was an awful lot I didn’t know about “the basics”. It’s all well and good to have a garden but what did I really know about growing one? My fantasies about knitting adorable outfits for our precious babe encountered a logistical problem when my brain liked the idea but my fingers just bumbled about making knots.
Once our little one mastered the basics of getting fork into mouth I started to think a little harder about what we were feeding ourselves and realized that I had a lot to learn about meat production, animal husbandry and farming. I started honing my cooking style to mesh better with the seasons, availability and what made out bodies feel good.
Luckily I also made a lot of smart friends who have been teaching me all that they know. And so now I am sharing what I learn with you, world. The more you know about the very basics, our everyday fundamentals, the more connected you become to the land they came from. It feels good.

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