Just Breathe

Yesterday I was too tired to write. My brain couldn’t produce anything coherent and my fingers couldn’t type translations for gobbledegook anyhow. Why was I tired you ask? Well, children are great; they are wonderful, charming, super-awesome-outta-this-world-cool… and sometimes they are utterly and painfully exhausting too. I decided to take advice Buddha himself once gave, “If you are tired, then sleep.” Hmmmm, maybe he didn’t say that. His quotes are usually deeper… but then again, you can’t get better advice than that!

So I slept.

At one in the morning my head bobbed forward like a buoy atop ocean waves and a small rivulet of drool seeped from the corner of my mouth as I dozily fed my baby. The sound of her sweet breath quiet, purposeful and strong melded  with my own weighty inhalations. Like two clocks quietly ticking time away together. When she’d had her fill, I placed her back into the cozy crib, covered her with a warm quilt and shuffled back to my room.  I collapsed onto the mattress and to the sound of my  three-year-old’s peaceful breathing and sank blissfully back into a heavy world filled with color and dreams. 

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in the gift of life, breathe out and exhale- expire.

Breathe in and stay with me, breathe out and slip away. 

Soft breath, sweet life. Every breath you take is another moment together.

Child’s breath, baby’s breath.

Laughing crying, screaming or sleeping.

No matter how tired I am- just breathe.

Bless us with another moment together.

Just breathe and stay a little longer.

Just breathe, that’s all.

Just breathe.

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