Oogers of Boogers

“Oucheeeeee,” my three-year-old wails. Her nose the spitting image of Santa’s lead reindeer. Thank goodness I have some home-made salve on hand. I’d originally started making the thick, goopy salve for my pregnant belly a few years ago and since then have found it effective for pretty much any type of minor skin irritation. The secret is the beeswax. There is something magical about products that come from bees and honey, royal gelly and wax all have ‘mysterious’ healing properties. Beeswax and human skin go together like worms in a compost heap or North American culture and oil consumption.

“Mommy? I just want you lie with me.” she begs between weak sobs. We spend a lot of time these days just cuddlin’ and watching cartoons. This cold is a doozy! I have tried to vanquish it with crushed zinc mixed with honey, herbal echinacea cough elixir, sage and chamomile tea, essential oil chest rubs, garlic (for me), tissue salts, aromatherapy baths, the humidifier, reflexology and reiki. I pumped breast milk this morning and put it in her cereal (which she didn’t eat) hoping there would be some anti-bodies in there she could assimilate. I have even broken down twice and administered Tylenol. And still, three days later we aren’t getting much better. The problem with colds, and I know every parent reading this will agree, is that the child feels so lousy she/he can’t sleep properly (and by extension so do the parents). Therein lies the crux; no sleeping means no healing.

So what is a weary parent to do? Am I feeding her remedy after remedy in vain? My three-year-old seems to have the answer, “just lie with me mommy. I want ‘cha”. Sometimes maybe the best cure is just slowing down, letting the dishes pile up and resting together. At least, until the baby wakes up…

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