The Perfect Tree

Picture by Dana Stam Photography

I’ve driven past this tree a million times and finally- FINALLY I drove past it while in possession of my camera.

This beautiful conifer stands alone at the edge of a field. Overlooking the highway it’s nearest neighbors are the tall prairie grasses and rotating summer crops. Like a displaced sentinel  it mans it’s lonely post at the entrance of a long farm drive. It must have been planted there by someone as this tree is not a natural part of the landscape. Once upon a time someone loved a sapling enough to put it in the ground and let it grow. Perhaps as a reference point along the highway or maybe just because they knew it would grow to be something special. All alone and utterly perfect this unique tree makes it’s patch of flat prairie landscape almost too beautiful.

Picture by me

The kids slept while I pondered this magnificent tree, completely oblivious to my musings on nature, love and the finer points of our wonderful world. I hope that you, dear reader, sometimes have the chance to just stop and look at something that has grown out of the soil and become something brilliant. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the earth and feel tuned into with the world around you.


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