Less is More except with Sunscreen

I look around at the beach and see color…white, pink, pinker and RED! Ouch, that guy (AKA my husband) is gonna need some aloe. Why are these people all here? There are many answers to that questions but the easiest one is “to take a break”. A break from work, obligations, reality.

It seems like paradise…but as I gaze at the pink bellied tourists lounging like swollen gelly fish I start to think about why it is that they need a break so badly and I think it comes down to culture.

North Americans place an immense amount of value on things. The more you work the more things you can own. And the more you own, the happier you are…right?! Not exactly.

I can remember when I sold my first car. It was a hideous 1985 Toyota Corolla hatchback. The sunroof leaked, there was no power steering and when you were in fifth gear, the stick shift had to be held in place with a bungee cord. Not exactly safe but it was mine. The car got me from A to B so much faster than the bus. It moved me accross the country in relative comfort and kept me dry when it rained (well, mostly dry). But the day I no longer owned that car was one of my top five days ever! No more worries about parking, break-ins, maintenance costs, gasoline, accidents and insurance. I could go where I wanted (albeit a little differently) and I didn’t have to drag the weight of that car around with me anymore. Not having that car made me very very happy!

So what am I saying exactly? Do these tourists need to go home, purge their lives of all the things they don’t need so they can find happiness.

What a lovely idea. What a beautiful notion. So easy for the pot to call the kettle black, but am I able to do those things too? When I get home will I be able to live with less? I won’t know until I try I guess.

Funny how the sun here puts everything into perspective…or maybe it’s just the sunstroke talking. Come to think of it, my legs are looking a little pink.


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