Rustic Earthy Dominican

Today we explored the Dominican beyond our resort. Outside the city our guide showed us what typical Dominicans grow on their land and what they eat. It was an amazing experience. Farms are small here, they work the land without many machines and processing for many still happens in the kitchen. A truly earthy and grounding experience. Enjoy the photos (sans photoshop)!

A typical farm house. This is one for sleeping in. Outbuildings are back behind for cooking, bathroom, processing…etc.Cook pot and compost

Big rain barrel and hose for the plants

Tin roof is all you really need in this climat.This home had electricity for light but used a gas lamp as well. They cook stove was gas fuelled.Gloria in her kitchen houseCoffee is one of the crops they grow in the Dominican. Berries above, bean below.Cocao is another crop grown in abundance on the IslandSeeds from inside the cocao fruitThe seeds get processed into these balls which are later made into the cocao powder we are familiar with. We got to drink hot cocao afterwards, it was delicious!PineappleChickens in the Dominican are of course, free rangeIf chicken isn’t your thing, there’s a butcher just down the streetThere are many fruit stands along the road. Each one offering local produce; oranges plantain, root crops and lots of other foods I couldn’t identify.

Sugar Cane is still grown here. The soil is tilled by tractor but the reaping is done by hand and carted by oxen.Sugar cane is good! A sweet end to a fantastic day.


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