Home Again

The blizzard was a little unexpected. When we left a week ago for our amazing trip to the Dominican, the weather was clear, sunny and tantalizingly close to the orgasmic shift into spring. But after landing, baggage claims and customs, the automatic airport doors rolled apart and winter stepped up and slapped me in the face! To add insult to injury I had optimistically opted to wear bermuda shorts and a tunic with no jacket to speak of. It was a long, teeth chattering wait in the parkade to be rescued with a boost to reanimate our dead car. Then, at last, we were on our way home!

'Roots" watercolor by Angela Vandenbogaard

Have you ever tried to grow roots? This is a visualization exercise I do a lot. It is the easiest way I know to feel grounded and great! Sit in a comfortable position (cross-legged or on a chair) and grow your spine tall. Then imagine you have a ball of roots coiled up at the base of your spine. Let those roots uncurl and weave their way down into the floor, through the foundation and into the earth. Let those roots wind down through the soil, sand, mud and rocks and connect with earth energy. Feel that energy come back up through your roots, move up your spine and spill out from the top of your head like a shower, splashing down over your entire body and charging you with a special connection to the land you are in. After a grounding meditation you feel energized, grounded and clear-headed.

The thing about travel by air is that it is really hard to ground when you are 3000 miles about the earth. I’ve tried to do this exercise while on a plane and it just doesn’t work. You are not traveling ‘naturally’ and I think that on a cellular level, your body knows that something is amiss. Now don’t get me wrong. I had a great trip and enjoyed every moment…but in some ways it just felt like a dream. Intellectually, I know that winter in Canada and winter in the Dominican Republic can exist at the same time and be vastly different climatically, but on a deeper level- in my bones rather than my brain, I’m not sure my body truly accepted it. Seated on the sand, watching the sunrise in the early morn, I grounded and connected to that tropical place. With visions of coral and water flashing before my mind I knew it was a beautiful, euphoric and restful place but as Dorothy says, “there’s no place like home.”

I’ve heard that when you are born you become ‘programmed’ with the energies of your place of birth. I think that is very true. Despite the Dominican’s breathtaking beauty and tempting easy-going style I feel more myself in a freak Manitoba snowstorm. And of course, there are those two little sweethearts back home who make every day more beautiful than the last. It’s nice to have those vacations- so much like a waking seven-day dream. But it’s even nicer to come home-come back to your true home and plant yourself firmly into reality again.

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  1. Dawn Ford says:

    Beautifully written Kim! And the two little ones are sweethearts to come home to. Lucky lucky you!

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