Gardening Season Started Today and the First Turning Ground Poll

Yes, that’s right! Today was the day to get out into the garden. I gave the 12 x12 ‘ mud pit a wide berth, you didn’t think I meant the vegetable garden did you? No, today was the day for pruning the raspberries- on the other, dryer side of the yard.

Who doesn’t love raspberries? Picking them when their quilted red jackets are so full of sweet juice they gush out onto your fingers before exploding in your mouth. While among my friends there is heated debate about what is the perfect time of day to pick and eat a raspberry, we all agree that eating them is pretty great!

And so with Leela in the wagon and Cally on the swing set, I set to my task. Fully covered in cloth, I crept in amongst the prickly canes and started to clip-clip-clip. All of the old canes had to go. Thanks to my go-to source for garden information, You Tube, I learned that Raspberries have a two year cycle. The first year they grow canes and the second, they bear fruit. Since my patch is three years old (and I only learned about how to prune them this year) there were a lot of dead canes that needed to be cut out. Then it was time to thin out the new ones, keeping only the strongest, thickest canes. Hopefully the care I take in preparing the plants now will result in an abundance of delectable berries later this year.


It was a tangly, stabby job and despite the layers of protective clothing, I am still scratched up but oh boy, was it a treat to be outside working in the garden. To touch a living plant is the easiest way to connect with the earth…and there are still seven more months until the snow flies again, plenty of plants to take care of and raspberries to eat!



Turning Ground Poll

When is the best time to pick and eat a raspberry?

Personally I like them first thing in the morning when they are cool and still covered in dew.  I only pick the ripest fruit. Popping them one by one into my mouth and squishing them on the roof, letting the sweet insides burst all over my tongue. Then I let the cool berry tumble down my throat and feel it’s essence all the way to my tummy. A totally euphoric experience. My friend Claire swears that the only time you should pick and eat a raspberry is in the mid-day sun. That’s when the fruit is full to bursting with juice and soft and warm to the touch. She says they are just perfect that way. Hey, I’m not that picky, I’ll eat fresh raspberries anytime but what do you think?

Write back in the comments and let me know when you think the best time to eat a raspberry is.

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5 Responses to Gardening Season Started Today and the First Turning Ground Poll

  1. Lorna says:

    I was going to agree with your friend about eating them when they’re warm in the sun, but when I read your description of eating them first thing in the morning, you made me waver. I think I’ll have to go along with your suggestion that any time is good for eating raspberries – I love them. I really enjoyed reading this post, written by someone who obviously really loves raspberries. Your descriptions are wonderful!

  2. Kay Aichess says:

    Who are we kidding? fresh raspberries anytime are fantastic.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I have 2 answers! I now see the benefits of eating them at two different times during the day!lol

    Sometimes a raspberry is best first thing in the morning, bright red, cool, crisp, sweet and a hint tartness!

    Other times, it’s best in the middle of the day, warm, sweet, juicy and bursting with flavour! Mmmm! ( I think I may prefer this way!)

  4. Kay Aichess says:

    That is so funny about your dog. Well, now I know why Husky’s are considered such a smart breed.

  5. marlo harbicht says:

    I rarely get a fresh raspberry off my bushes. The dog usually gets them first. When I am treated to some red ones she hasn’t yet devoured, which are at the very top where she can’t reach, I eat ’em when I see ’em no matter what time of day. If left too long, they fall to the ground and enjoyed by, yep you guessed it, the dog!

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