Family Time at the Cabin

Last weekend the girls and I went to the lake for the first time this season Like a heavy patchwork quilt, constructed over time and lovingly sewn by five generations, the family property at Rocky Lake is imbued with laughter, ghosts and lots of love. I’ve been coming to the lake since I was small enough to sleep in a drawer but my ancestors were here long before. Our great great grandparents passed by the lake on their way to their first homestead. Full of hope and ambition, they followed the deep ruts cut by the Red River carts along the Boundary Commission Trail. I’m not sure where exactly, but  great uncle Arnold was born somewhere along that trail- right out there in the wild with the oxen and his brave and probably terrified parents. Grandma still tells stories about how the first thing you did when you got to the church camp at the lake was fill your tick mattress with straw. Imagine that! Who nowadays knows what it feels like to sleep on a bed of straw? In the 50’s my grandparents bought property at the lake and since then the summers have been filled with children, baking, golf, berry picking, swimming, foraging for wild plums (the highlight of my mother’s summer) and a lot of books (my family are all big readers). My parents, as well as my husband and I were married just up the road at that same church camp my great grandmother was on the board of directors for. This place, more than anywhere else is home. None of us live here in the winter as the cabin’s wall aren’t much more than sheeting and clapboard but in the summer we all change our address and convene at our own special Bony Dune. The poison ivy is atrocious, the lake is usually green and the raccoons, despite my father’s best efforts, still find ways to wreck up the bird feeders but to our family this place is heavenly. It’s perfect. My mother’s ashes will be buried not far from the cottage this summer and we plan to plant a plum tree in her honor.

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  1. kristin says:

    So glad you could get out there so early in the year! Looking forward to it this summer 🙂

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