Easter Outfits and Snow in the Forecast

Sunday is Easter and snow is in the forecast. This picture comes from my sister-in-law in Edmonton. We usually get the same weather as Alberta a few days after they do so it looks like Easter’s gonna be a lot like Christmas. But snow or no snow, we plan to load ourselves into the car and make the jaunt to Ba-Ba’s  for some perogies, cabbage rolls and lemon pie. I’ve been sewing up a storm in preparation for the family feast, although I must admit, the dresses are made for slightly warmer weather than what we’re supposed to get.

This year the girls will wear loud matching dresses. Calixa picked the most boisterous fabric in the store and we now have two peppy pink pieces. I am probably going to have to bribe Cally into wearing hers as she believe- as only a three-year-old can that, “princesses only wear dresses that poof.” Apparently this little number doesn’t fly out enough when she twirls.

The baby’s pattern came from a book called Baby Couture by Samantha McNesby.
The three-year-old’s pattern from a french book called Intemporels Pour Enfants by Astrid le Provost.

Snow or no snow, happy Easter to all of you:)

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