Lattes…a tribute to the perfect drink

This post was originally intended for Valentines day…then my husband had flowers delivered and I felt that perhaps a tribute to the man I married might be more fitting on Feb 14th than an ode to my espresso maker. I do, however, love my lattes and on days like today, when winter just won’t quit, a hot steamy beverage makes my chilled bones sing!

Frothy and foamy- oh how I love you,

sweet latte machine- you make the perfect brew.First thing in the morning your green eye alight,

humming and sputtering, everything is all right.

The hiss of hot water pushing through the ground beans,

a crema so thick it is fit for a queen.Next comes the milk, blissfully heated,

 full of soft foam this drink’s nearly completed.

A dash of cinnamon adds the final touch,

It tastes so good it’s almost too much.

This wonderful drink chases chills far away,

thanks to you, latte maker, I can start my day!

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