Hello there! It has been four months since I started writing Turning Ground. It has grown from a tiny idea- one tiny, scary idea; could I really surrender what I write to the unknown abyss that is the internet? And scarier still, would anyone want to read it? -to a real life. It has morphed from the tappity-tap of meandering thought to an incredibly soul-fulfilling project that I love love love to do. I hope that you are enjoying the offerings on this site and I promise there is plenty more to come.

A few of you might be wondering about some things I’ve written about but haven’t followed up on and so here are the Turning Ground updates for January, February and March 2012. Enjoy!

The Woodpile…mentioned and photographed in an entry called Super Salsa Soup on Feb 13. The monstrous woodpile lay in wait, fat and lazy, denying the fence gate closure like a bully who earned his title by being to large to challenge. Little pieces of bark mulch littered the alley and found their way all over the back yard via the dog. The wood wanted to be stacked and my body was willing but my children were not…and so the woodpile sat in an unstately heap until two weekends ago, when my wonderful amazing friend Lesley drove out and we chucked, stacked, heaved and crunched until the woodpile submit and rearranged itself into a beautiful assembly of kindling, ready for next winter’s fires. The destination wedding mentioned in The Road to Ruin is Paved with Scones required me to fit into a very small bridesmaid dress. I ordered this dress two months after giving birth to my second child and had high hopes of losing all of the baby weight by the time we hit the beach eight months later (I’m a hopeless optimist). But despite my one-day full-out splurge on nothing but scones it wasn’t too hard to get into the dress, it was the breathing that was difficult!The meringue mentioned in The Birthday Pie, on Feb 10th was a bad idea. DON’T TOP THE PIE WITH MERINGUE! The banana cream filling seemed to set nicely in the fridge after it’s time on the stove but once it went back into the oven with the meringue on it, the pie’s insides just turned to liquid. Kind of like how you might after a night of drinking and a breakfast of hot curry. The only topping I’ll ever do again on a banana cream pie is a nice cool whipped cream.

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