Sowing Seeds

So gardening season started today and boy, my hands are feelin’ it. I didn’t know that your entire palm could come so close to blisters. I really need some new gardening gloves. At least the mice in the garden shed were well-fed in the winter.

Yesterday Trevor tilled the garden- making the soil so nice and fluffy it was hard not to run through it barefoot afterwards. And today was the day that the seeds went into the ground. That meant setting up all the supports that the plants will eventually grow on, hence the blisters. Calixa held the tie wraps while I fastened the chicken wire to the re-bar to frame the peas. It’s so amazing when kids start to help in the garden. The pride and amazement they experience when something that they helped to plant grows out of the ground is inspiring. Cally still talks about the big garden we had last time and she was only a year and a half old.

Getting back to business, I only broke one of the six foot poles that form the tomato tripods that are so much sturdier than the flimsy wire cages I used to use. I’ve seen those tomato cages to bend right over once a bushy tomato plant reaches it’s full girth. Not when we lived in Calgary of course, but here in Manitoba it seems like everything grows like it’s on steroids in the summer.

And the perennials are already up and making my heart sing. I couldn’t help myself- I had to pet the asparagus as soon as it poked it’s nubby purply-green head out from it’s dark refuge. It won’t be long until we are eating rhubarb crisp again- I am salivating already.The chives were the first things to get green again and we’ve been enjoying them on many of our dishes. Yum!

There really is nothing better than fresh produce from the garden. Here’s to a great 2012 gardening season. May your produce be bountiful and your blisters few.

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