A shake for breakfast…

I always worry that my munchkins aren’t eating enough healthy food. My solution to this nagging distress is the morning smoothie. We’ve been doing “shakes” since my oldest child was co-ordinated enough to sip through a straw and it is the everyday ritual we observe with tenacious regularity. No matter how awful or how little my children may eat for the rest of the day (although heaven help me- I try!), I can rest comfortably in the knowledge that at least they started their day right.

Nowadays I wake up to the sound of little Leela gurgling, babbling and squeaking in her crib. After the mandatory diaper change and the dog’s feeding, logging and watering we arrive at smoothie town.

Leela plays on the floor with her plastic kitchen fruits and vegetables while I strain the kefir grains from their liquidy ferment, rinse the glass jar and carefully spoon the chewy little hunks of pro-biotic back in. They get a nice dousing of whole milk and are replaced in the pantry to work their chemical magic on the milk until they are called into action again tomorrow.

Into the kefir liquid goes a banana, flax oil and frozen berries. Then it all gets whizzed up into a beautiful purple drink my three-year-old can’t start her day without. In fact, we all consume this super beverage. I have my glass, Calixa her sippy cup (because I hate spills) and Leela’s gets bulked up a bit with pablum so she can eat hers with a spoon.

Happy tummies and healthy children. There really is no better way to start the day!

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