Friends with (garden variety) benefits

Laura and Dustin  live on a beautiful acreage just south of town and (lucky me!) have graciously offered some of their garden space for my use. In return for being able to plant in their earthy patch I am responsible for keeping it weeded and, of course, sharing the bounty.

Bounty…that is a risky word to use because a harvest, no matter how small, is never guaranteed. But darn it all, I’m-a-gonna-try my hardest! This weekend, after an expert tilling by farmer Dustin, we ladies got right to work making doughnuts. I wanted to plant corn, beans and squash (my first three-sister’s experiment). The farmer’s almanac predicts a dry summer for our area and so the doughnut- which is a built-up ring of soil around your seeds- will hopefully help keep some moisture near the plant when it rains instead of the usual run-off. This is all speculation of course, and I wonder if Dustin (who holds a degree in Agronomy) just chuckled or laughed out loud at my overly-though-out garden plans. I couldn’t hear over the mower. Laura was gracious enough to help me with my garden experiment and together we got two rows of corn and one row of squash planted. The pole beans will go into the ground once the corn in about 5 inches high. It couldn’t have been a more perfect afternoon. The sky was overcast and moderate, the dogs and cats lazily observed us agrarian mommas through eyes half closed.

Calixa and Ardyn played on the “jumpin’ plane” (trampoline) and in the camper. They occasionally came over to visit when Laura or I unearthed something interesting from the underworld. And baby Eva gooed and wiggled in the stroller, overseen by Mack the the ferocious guard dog.

Birds flew in noisy clusters from one budding tree to the next and the East wind, mighty along the highway, blew itself down to a whisper through the tall pines bordering the property.

….And now we just wait and see if anything will come up.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I’m thinking it looks like a toad!
    And the three sisters experiment looks interesting. Might have to look into that for myself!lol

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