Fantastic Fridays and Pumpkin Pie

I know, I know, I just made pumpkin pie a few weeks ago but I did it again today for three important reasons; firstly, the nursery school is having a pie sale fundraiser and I must contribute. Secondly, I never did share the recipe for the filling. You might remember my earlier diatribe regarding the perfect pie crust. It only took 32 years, but I finally got it! And thirdly, it’s Friday which means it’s play date day with Goldy. I thought I’d bring a pie over and share the wealth:)

I’m sure you must know that the crust is only half the work. Like a symphony performed without the strings, bad pie filling is homogeneously unsatisfying. Too many fantastic pastries have met their demise lathered beneath sub-par foodstuff. My personal least-favorite is apple pie filling from a can…I can actually pass this dessert up (sometimes) if I know it’s the whirrr and dump variety.

It is another rainy May day and the kids amused themselves making forts, playing baby basketball and giving piano recitals. We scarfed down Goldy’s delicious offering, a wicked shephard’s pie with sweet potato and then we tore into the pumpkin pie. Even Hermione, who assured me that she wouldn’t like it, gave a full two bites of attention to the tart and declared when she was finished that she, “liked it a little bit.”

And so, courtesy of the world wide web, I give you a fantastic pumpkin pie filling recipe. You don’t have to start with an actual pumpkin, the canned stuff from the store works well too. The little extra effort is worth it.I’ve added my notes with an asterix.

Mix well using a hand blender or mixer.

 Pour into the pie crust

Some people like to bake the pie crust in the oven for 3 minutes before filling it.  I don’t and the pies turn out great!
I like a deep, full pie, so I fill it right up to about one quarter to one half inch from the very top.

Don’t be surprised if the mixture is very runny!  It may start as a soupy liquid, but it will firm up nicely in the oven! Note: the pie crust is brown because I used whole wheat flour! Tastes the same, but is healthier.*(my pie crust was the perfect pie crust recipe and didn’t use whole wheat flour but was super light and flaky, YUM!)

TIP: You may want to cover the exposed edges of the crust with strips of aluminum foil to prevent them from burning! Some people make their own crust cover by cutting the rim off of a disposable aluminum pie pan!

Step 11 – Bake the pie

Bake at 425 F (210 C ) for the first 15 minutes, then turn the temperature down to 350 F  ( 175 C ) and bake another 45 to 60 minutes, until a clean knife inserted into the center comes out clean.

Here is the finished pie, right out of the oven:

I use a blunt table knife to test the pie.  The one at left has already been stuck in the pie, and you see it comes out pretty clean, when the pie is done.

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  1. sojung lee. says:

    Yum! Pumpkin pie in May! Who says that you can only have it during the winter holiday season? I think I will be baking my own soon =]

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