Decluttering with Pancakes

This weekend our sleepy little whistle-stop held a town-wide garage sale. You better believe I had a collection of seldom-used kitchen paraphenelia, well-loved baby items and even some brand new well-intentioned-but-really-not-my-styles gifts that needed to go, go, go!  It is all part of my ongoing mission to live with less (no easy task in this North American culture that places a high happiness rating on material things). Despite my ongoing efforts, things, all manner of things, continue to permeate our space and so there was a real need for this garage sale.

But before the wheeling and dealing could begin we absolutely had to have breakfast. Not just any breakfast- this early morning offering was a whole family pleaser; A Sczesny collection of buckwheat pancakes. We had big ones for daddy, medium ones for mommy, little ones for Cally and teeny tiny pancake blips for Leela. It is unbelievably exciting for three-year-olds to watch the bubbles pop as pancake batter cooks atop the griddle. Cally was absolutely spellbound and you should have heard her squeal when it came time to flip. Then onto the plates went the pancakes to wait for their turn to be forked into our waiting mouths. I knew it would be a cold and drizzly day at market and so the warm jammie berry explosions that came with every bite of fluffy flapjack were extra delightful. A healthy dose of butter was absolutely necessary to ward off the impending chill.

And then it was off to the races. The crowds came and went; hutterites in their conservative print dresses looking for a deal, expectant grandmothers giddily riffling through baby items for their first grandchild, native families off ‘the rez’ discovering new treasures, kids on the look out for a shiny new-to-them toy and of course, the old fellas who never have enough tools- hoping to unearth an antique wood plane or whoozit macallit (I don’t know much about woodworking).

All in all it was a successful day. Financially was did alright but more importantly we got rid of a bunch of stuff! You feel good for a little while when you buy something new but you feel even better when you get rid of something old. Here’s to the next garage sale in September!


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