Ahhhhhh outdoor yoga begins!

Tonight- finally, we had our first outdoor yoga class. It felt so good. For me, yoga isn’t just about getting strong and flexible- it’s about being present. Really truthfully present and connecting (you might even say ‘getting grounded’). The easiest way to connect with the moment is to be outside. The soft cool breeze wove through my fingers while I bent ever backwards in upward salute. The yoga music was joyfully out voiced by the birdsong issuing from the pine boughs beyond. Stalwart ants marched across my yoga mat oblivious to my inner peace- working, working all the time.  The wispy clouds wafted lazily across the sky while the waning sun settled in the west. The grass whispered beneath my mat and coaxed me into letting the earth swallow me whole. She wrapped me in her strong loving arms and breathed perfect love, perfect peace into my soul. I wanted to lay there forever. It felt so good.


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2 Responses to Ahhhhhh outdoor yoga begins!

  1. Kay Aichess says:

    Thank you Carol. I am glad you’re reading it. Between me writing and you reading it’s kinda like we’re spending time together:)

  2. Carol Copp says:

    Kim…i,m addicted to your blog…you are such a good writer ….love the recipes as well …..Carol

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