A New Baby!

Last night my sister and her husband brought a new perfect person into the world.

What a blessing and a miracle a new baby is. What better way to affirm that life does go on. There is nothing more joyful than welcoming a new baby into the world.

Nine months ago our mom lay in the palliative care ward of the hospital. We were all there; the siblings, sons, daughters, grandchildren. With red rimmed eyes and aching hearts each of us sat in the small room wrestling with our own thoughts and waiting…. Damn that cancer! Why did it have to chose her? Why couldn’t it happen later- when she was old and ready? With baited breath we listening for each breath, confirming that she was still there- that her body hadn’t quit yet.

Mom was such a fighter- she never left anything unfinished. Clear as a bell I could hear those nagging words set to repeat in my mind, “If you’re going to do something, do it right. There’s no point in a half-assed job.” She was still with us, even though time was short. I wondered what job she was trying to finish.

The end was achingly near. Mom could no longer speak- or move. Besides the slow- painfully slow act of breathing, there wasn’t much left of the woman who had shaped my entire life. And then my sister whispered in her ear, “we are going to have a baby.”

The next morning she was gone…

Nine months later we are all very lucky and blessed to welcome this new baby into our lives.  I know that mom is here too- in a different form but here none-the-less, smiling with the rest of us and reminding us that life goes on. If there is sadness there is also joy and knowing the supreme happiness this baby would bring was surely mom’s final act.

 Welcome baby.

We love you more than you’ll ever know!




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4 Responses to A New Baby!

  1. Kay Aichess says:

    Dawn, you really do always know what to say. Thank you:)

  2. Dawn Ford says:

    What a beautiful blessing to have a new baby bring buoyancy in to your hearts again. You’re Mom must be smiling down on you all very proud and with much love.

  3. Kay Aichess says:

    Lovin’ you right back;)

  4. Gullett Family says:

    Lots of love to you and all your family~

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