Any Excuse for a Latte

So- lattes cost five dollars which means that a latte a day just isn’t in the budget. That’s  why I bought an espresso machine about six years ago. I’ve loved that machine ever since and get friendly with it whenever I need a break from chai tea (hey, it happens every now and then). My machine is small, efficient and always makes a good cuppa frothy milky joe.

Yesterday I visited my good friend Tamara, her beautiful family and her espresso machine. The day was overcast and rainy and it was perfect weather for a foamy cup of steamed milk, agave nectar and yes! creamy espresso. Her machine is a beee-yute and if espresso machines could suffer from penis envy, mine would be as green as kermit the frog. The drink she made tasted as good as the machine looked and I thoroughly enjoyed the creamy concoction. The trick to a great latte (and anyone addicted to Starbucks and who owns a scale probably knows this already)- use whole milk! Also go with good quality, fresh ground espresso roasted coffee beans. Finish the mix with a natural sweetener helps too. 

Tamara and I share one other trick when it comes to making a great latte. Previous work experience at Yellowknife’s finest coffee roasteria: Javaroma.

So if where you are is raining, overcast or even just slightly cooler than room temperature- why not indulge in a latte? Any excuse counts.

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