Pedalling for a Cure…and for love

Dad kept checking the forecast. “Rain,” he’d report each time, shaking his head, “Still looks like rain for the weekend.”

Of all the weekends to hope for sun, this one was it. Dad and the rest of the Jilly Bean Crusaders team had been training for months…to ride their bikes for 225 km in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

This ride was particularly important for my dad. My parents had only been dating for eight months when dad was diagnosed with cancer. He was so young, only 25. With mom as his support dad put up a good fight, committing to surgery and two rounds of chemotherapy. It was while dad was in the Mayo clinic, recovering from his surgery, that mom bought her wedding dress.

They were so young, so sure that their love could beat his disease that they squeezed the wedding in between treatments. My mom looked positively radiant with her long brown hair and her crocheted dress. Despite his chemo hair-do, my dad looked overjoyed. Together they knew that their love could accomplish the impossible. Their love could be the cure. And together, they did it. Dad has been in remission ever since…

…But 36 years later, cancer claimed my mother’s life.

How do you show someone who has passed away how much you still love them? Some people place flowers at a grave, some people light a candle. If you’re my dad, you ride a bike. Every cent he fundraised, ever revolution of the wheel, every kick at the pedal was his was of saying, “I still love you.” 

We are all so proud of you dad.  I know that somewhere out there mom was watching you push through the rain and the muck and she is proud too. 

Go Jilly Bean Crusaders Go!

Even though the ride is over, you can still donate. Your donation could be what makes the difference between a sad story and a happy ending. Go to the Jilly Bean Crusaders page for more info. 

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