Little Bird Rescued on Steven’s Ave

When the immature robin flitted from it’s nest a little too early, it’s chances for survival amidst the tought cement and cold ashphalt of downtown Calgary were mighty grim. Well, at least they were until Donna Kirkpatrick picked him up.

Calixa, Leela and I took a super-awesome-fun train ride into downtown Calgary today just to take a super-awesome-fun train ride (there is no mass transit chez nous). While downtown we decided to amble about on Steven’s Ave and that’s when we saw the robin. The poor little bird had fallen from a nest right right smack in the middle of the busiest part of downtown. It was cold, sick and couldn’t fly but it did have one thing going for it and her name was Donna. Donna stumbled upon the abandoned fledgeling and immediately recognized a creature in need. She tenderly scooped it up and decided to nurse it back to health. Donna is currently studying to be a vet assistant and recently finished nursing a sick sparrow back to health. The little robin is in good hands as she  is doubly qualified to nurse this little birdie back to health.

“I just found him while I was walking along,” She said between offering beakfulls of sandwich meat to the hungy bird. “I already have a cage at home so I’ll take care of him until he learns to fly…I’ll just have to sneak him in.” she adds with a smile. Her appartment doesn’t allow pets.

Luckily, Donna won’t have to hide him for long. He is nearly ready to  take wing. All he needs are a few days of nourishment and he’ll be ready for his first flight.

“He’s a good age for fostering,” Donna explains,”he’s too old to imprint on me so he’ll have no trouble leaving the nest when he’s ready.”

Calixa was mightily upset that she couldn’t hold a bird on her finger too but I said we’d better leave that to the expert. Besides, there is no question of getting a bird until she masters the fine art of picking up dog doo. We hope that Donna and her little charge do well and that soon we’ll have a happy new robin chirping from the sculptures along Steven’s Ave.

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