New Potato Salad tastes like Summer!

I don’t love potatoes. THERE I said it! There’s something about a cooked potato that makes me want to gag. They are starchy, mealy and bo-ring…BUT I will make an exception in the case of the newly dug potato. Potatoes straight out of the garden are crunchy, spunky, as fresh as-fresh-as-can-be and the flavor is outta this world. Nope, there is nothing dull about newly exhumed taters.

This morning’s visit to the farmers market resulted in some beautiful fresh new potatoes and some huge crunchy radish. In our garden there are chives, dill and green onion. Sounded to me like the proper fixens for a delicious potato salad.

Here’s what you do.

Put a pot of salted water to boil on the stove. Gently set two eggs into the water to cook while it heats up.

Meanwhile give about eight of your new golf ball sized potatoes a good brushing to get all the dirt off (if you bought these from the store you may want to consider peeling them- but if they really are fresh, a good scrubbing is all they need). Chop your squeaky-clean taters into uniform pieces and once the water comes to a boil, toss them in the pot with the eggs. Set your kitchen timer for 6 minutes.

Very thinly slice one large or two small radishes.

Very thinly slice one peeled carrot.

Chop one stalk of green onion and two chives (or just three green onion stalks if that’s what you have)

Very finely mince one clove of garlic (you can omit this as it is very strong but as long as it’s in very small pieces, the garlic gives this salad a wonderful taste).

If you have any ham and want a little salty kick to the salad, cube about 1/4 c.

When the kitchen timer goes off- fish out your eggs- peel and chop.

Check your potatoes- they should be done about now. The blade of a knife should pass through easily but the tuber should still have a little tiny crunch. Drain the potatoes and cool with cold tap water. Set aside to dry out a bit

Mix 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper in with the egg, and veggies (save your potatoes to add last).

Add 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard and 2 Tbsp mayonnaise.  Once everything is stirred up, fold in your potatoes. Chill and serve.

YUMMO! It tastes like summer!


n.b. Usually I take my own pictures but today’s post contains no original images. If you like what you see just click on the image and it’ll take you to the site they’re from.


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