Raspberry Custard Makes Everyone Smile

The garden is getting BIG and the raspberries are producing en mass. One of my favorite things to do with raspberries (besides just eat them fresh) is to make them into custard.

“Custartd? Ewwwww, that sounds gross!”

Hey! I heard that! And I assure you that this custard truly it is the opposite of gross. Observe the picture of Cally eating it up below. If three-year-olds ask for seconds, you know its good.So here is the Turning Ground recipe for Raspberry Custard. It is so good,  you might want to double up:)

Preheat oven to 375F. This recipe makes 6 small servings.

Toss 1/2 c. fresh raspberries into a bowl (or better yet, your kitchen aid mixer)

Add the zest of one lemon as well as it’s juice.

Mix these two ingredients until fully blended.

At this point you need to decide whether you like raspberry seeds or not. If you do, fantastic- skip the next step. If you don’t, then push your raspberry mixture through a mesh strainer to separate out the seeds.

Back in the mixing bowl, add 1/2 c. icing sugar to your raspberries.

Turn you mixer onto the lowest speed and gradually add 1/4 c. 3% milk

Mix in 4 eggs and then slowly add 3 more egg yolks. (If you use free range eggs, you’re likely getting the correct ratios of good omega 3 fatty acids, which makes this dish a high protein healthy food)!

Pour this mixture into your waiting ramekins.

Place your ramekins into a deep casserole dish. Pour very hot water into the casserole dish until it comes 2/3rds of the way up the sides of your ramekins. Cover the casserole dish with aluminum foil and carefully slide the whole thing into the oven. Bake about 20-22 minutes, checking the custard occasionally to determine when it’s set.

Once cooked, be careful not to get your oven mitts wet when removing the ramekins from the water bath (trust me on this). Let your lovelies cool-they will thicken up a little more. Serve chilled with fresh berries.


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