A beautiful goodbye

Family and friends convened at our family cottage last weekend to say their goodbyes to my mother. It was a time to reflect, to laugh and to cry.

She was the most amazing woman.

She was our teacher; patient and kind. Strict but with a real soft spot.

Mom knew how to listen.

She knew so much without ever being a know-it-all.

Mom always had the answer if you cared to ask.

Mom always knew what she wanted.

She was fiercely committed to her family, her church and her friends.

Mom created an example out of her life.

She always did her best.

By carrying on her ideals, values and ethics we can keep her memory alive.

Mom was the most amazing woman we’ve ever known.

She lead a beautiful life.

A life filled with sweet music.

A life adorned with everlasting love.

A life we will cherish forever and always.

We love you mom.

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