It’s Harvest!…who’s got time to write?

It’s been harder to squeeze in the posts these day owing to an abundance of ripe, amazing foods from our back yard and others. The thing about harvest is that it always happens all at once. Ripe fruits and vegetables wait for no man…or woman and if you want to capture that fresh amazing crispy, sweet apple or that radiant, firm, aromatic cucumber- you can’t hesitate. Jump in with both feet and can, process, freeze, blanche…do it and do it now! You’ll enjoy it all winter long.

Last weekend, my good friend Laura’s apple tree looked like how I felt 9 months pregnant. Heavy, encumbered and just bursting with delicious, rosy apple babies. We picked six pails before the tree, as Laura put it, “started to look relieved.” Then it was straight to the kitchen to chop, boil and strain. This year’s panty will be well stocked with apple juice, apple sauce and apple jelly.

The Three-sister’s garden experiment looks a lot like a jungle- I never did get out to thin the squash and the beans were planted late and didn’t even have a chance against the overgrown gourds. Picking our way through the tangle of prickly vines that encased the nearly-ready corn we discovered some squash that was just too big! The book says, “don’t pick squash until it turns color.” but this squash (and heaven help me, I couldn’t identify haft of it) was so big it HAD to be picked. We were fearful that if we left it, those monsters would just bowl over the rest of the garden. And so there is now a colorful array of ‘squish’ in our basement and freezer bags of cooked, seasoned spaghetti squash in the freezer- biding their time until the cold winter’s night when we decide to enjoy this massive garden monster.

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