Our Insect Nursery

It takes Asparagus three years to become established enough to harvest…THREE YEARS! *sigh* That means I’ve still got another summer of waiting ahead.

Oh, how often I’ve walked past the sprouting patch of tiny spears and frilly ferns wishing they could grow faster. How many times I’ve run the soft branches through my fingers and longed for the day when I could sink my teeth into tasty green shoots.

But although I may not yet be able to prosper from the healthy green scrub there are some tiny creature who have settled right in and decided to call our asparagus home…asparagus beetles.

Until recently I thought these colorful beetles were just immature ladybugs, “oh how cute,” I’d gush when I saw the little critters, which match the red berries on the fern almost perfectly, crawling alonf the fern. “See Cally,” I’d point out, “Those are gonna be lady bugs.” “So cute.” she’d repeat after me. We were so ignorant.

It turns out that these little six legged crawlies are actually a pest and can do some serious damage to asparagus plants and so it looks like it is time to squish some bugs. Ah well, that’s the way it goes in a garden- if you love a vegetable, chances are there are a bunch of other little critters that love it too.



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