Harvest Moon and the Collective Eclectic

Oh it has been a lovely week of coming down. The bike tour was a tremendous success- we raised a considerable chunk of change which will go towards two wonderful causes- helping our community and the world at large…but I’ll be honest with you, dear reader. It sucked the life right out of me. I love it but I’m glad it’s over for another year.

This week has been the week of shifting-moving into fall routine with little girl dance classes, preschool and a joyful re-union with my harp master…I let the week sweep me along with baited breath for I knew that when the weekend came we’d head off to the event I’d been looking forward to for an entire year! My favorite granola jamboree…

…The Harvest Moon Festival in Clearwater, Manitoba

Clearwater…if you blink- you’ll miss it. It is an infinitesimal blip on the southern Manitoba landscape. Once a year the hamlet’s meager population swells to bursting as a certain breed of festival goers convene on the small town.

The Harvest Moon Festival is a opportunity to learn about alternative farming and gardening, eat some fantastic food and listen to amazing live music. It has a uniquely open-minded and a collectively eclectic group of devoted followers.

There are always a varied assortment of interesting workshops to attend, like kirtan chanting, permaculture, how to build an outdoor oven and soap making. There are also garden tours. The Harvest Moon Society moved into the tiny Clearwater school when the school board deemed the hamlet’s population was just too small to keep the school open. Since then, the society has converted the school’s baseball diamond into a permaculture oasis complete with bordering chicken run, erected a teepee, fabricated an outdoor oven and new this year, set up a permaculture greenhouse. Over the weekend, anyone can take a guided tour of these fantastic and innovative gardens. There is also music- lots of fantastic music the whole family can enjoy. Vendors round out the festival, hawking homemade, ethical products like clothing, candles and of course, locally produced produce! The kids had a great time discovering all the different squash lining the stalls.

There is something so inspiring- so uplifting about being in a place where you are surrounded by people who think like you do (or who think as you aspire to). It is positivity at it’s best when people joyfully convene and consciously chose to make this world a better place. No spats, no debates just a bunch of granola’s and even some pretty close to average looking folks working and learning together for a brighter, more delicious future.


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