You say potato, I say delicious!

I’ll admit, the title for today’s post is misleading. It makes you believe that I like potatoes. Oh potatoes- bland starchy potatoes. So dull, so tame, so ho-hum potato. Growing up I can remember potatoes were served three ways and every way was yucky:

First was the potato mashed. Nothing wrong with a mashed potato as long as it’s purpose is to function as a fluffy, comfortable bed for something worth savoring like pot roast, gravy or some other meaty-salty star. I suppose that mashed potatoes were ok so long as they were content to just sit in the back seat and shut up.

Second was the potato baked. In our house what you just read was what you got. Just a baked potato. No butter, no sour cream, no bacon bits, and (gasp) no cheese. As an adult I know that the aforementioned ‘condiments’ are meant to congregate atop the lofty potato and lend their tasty fatty goodness to the tuber. But as a child living without the necessary additives, eating a baked potato was in league with eating cardboard.

Third was the potato boiled. This still makes me retch. Peeled, cubed, boiled and voila. Steaming sticky bits of pre-barf sitting on my plate- taunting me, “betcha can’t eat me without gagging,” The little pukes would say, “go ahead, try and swallow me whole with milk- I’ll stick in your throat and then I’ll come right back up again.” Oh the boiled potato- how I hated it!

So naturally in my adult years, I’ve been reluctant to use these spotty vegetables in my cooking. Thankfully, on occasion I’ve been known to try something new and have, of late, discovered that if you add enough salt and fat to a potato- it can taste pretty good (case in point- french fries). I do try to limit how much fast food passes these lips and opt instead for the homemade version- seasoned potato wedges drizzled in butter and baked until crispy golden. When presented with these little babies, it’s hard to believe they bear any relation to the agglutinative boiled abominations I choked down as a child.

Serves 4. Preheat your oven to 350F.

Start with eight russet potatoes, peeled and washed.

Slice them through the middle lengthwise. Set the cut side down and slice remaining potato into wedges.

In a separate bowl pour 3/4 c. milk

In yet another bowl mix together 1 c. flour, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper

Set a 1/4 c. butter in a pot to melt while you powder the potatoes.

Dunk each wedge into the milk, shake off the dribbles then plunge it into the flour- ensure that all sides are coated and then place your dusty wedge on an ungreased cookie sheet. Once all of your wedges are standing at attention on the sheet- drizzle hot melted butter all over them (they love this).

Cook your wedges at 350F for 45 minutes total. Every 15 minutes, turn your wedges (3 turns in all) and you’ll end up with golden, crispy, beautiful baked potato wedges that even those suffering from bonafied potato prejudice will love them- I’m the proof.




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