My First eBook has Arrived! The Macadamia Nut Emergency

Today feels like after being pregnant for six years, I’ve finally given birth! It’s hard to describe the ups and downs, the exhaust and elation of creative writing but suffice it to say that I am very glad to have this project finally move forward into (virtual) print. Creative writing feeds to soul- it extricates you from the mundane and settles you with a hug and a kiss into a world where imagination comforts and inspires. It may have taken over half a decade to finish this children’s story but every second was magical.

Below you’ll find the press release for the Macadamia Nut Emergency. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Local Author Publishes Timely Christmas eBook

Readers young and old will delight in The Macadamia Nut Emergency, a magical new chapter book by author, Kim Harbicht-Sczesny. The book is written for juvenile readers aged 8-11 and features 15 action-packed chapters, an imaginative and colorful plot, unique and engaging characters and a beautiful cover illustration by  Kieran Daly. The book is currently for sale on Kobo eBooks and can be downloaded onto desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and eReaders using the Kobo app.

Kim and her husband, Trevor moved to Souris, Manitoba four years ago from Calgary and have reveled in all of the wonderful things small-town living has to offer. “I love living in Souris,” regales Kim. “We may be far from family- but we have made so many wonderful friends and acquaintances right here, family doesn’t feel so far away anymore.” Their two children, Calixa and Leela inspire Kim’s writing. “I love telling stories to my kids and we read together every night…but the very best is when they entertain me right back with their own tales. I’m always laughing!”

The Macadamia Nut Emergency tells the imaginative tale of Penny, an apple-cheeked, puffy-haired girl whose plan to surprise Santa Clause on Christmas Eve with Macadamia nut chocolate milk backfires when Santa has an allergic reaction.

A special present for a pen pal in Maui turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth when Penny shares her gift with Santa Clause. Now she must commandeer a sleigh, carrying a very sick Santa, from Canada’s frozen north to the middle of the Pacific ocean to ask her Hawaiian friend for help. Will Penny and Kimo be able to save Christmas? Just how do you fly a sleigh with eight ornery reindeer? and what the heck is lomi-lomi? A delightful story about family, culture and the spirit of Christmas.
The Macadamia Nut Emergency

Kim laughs that, “this was the longest-ever children’s book to write.” She began the process six years ago and since then completely re-wrote the story twice. “At some point, you have to tell yourself to stop,” she says, “just put the pen down- you’ve revised it enough…it’s time to move forward and publish.”

Kim plans to continue with her creative writing in addition to her work with the Souris Plaindealer and the Westman Journal. “I’ve got a few other projects in the works and am really excited to finally be able to share the stories I’ve had floating around in my head for so long with the rest of the world.” If sales from the eBook are strong enough, Kim says she’ll consider releasing the book in print for Christmas 2013.

To check out The Macadamia Nut Emergency, simply go to and type the book’s title in the search bar.


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