The Turning Ground Healthy Eating Challenge 2013

index The new year is fast approaching and as I run through my mental checklist of things I’m satisfied with and things that need improvement I inevitably arrive at my health. In this case, physical and spiritual health. The Turning Ground blog is a big part of my spiritual health- not in a religious sense- but in the way that creativity feeds the soul. I am slowly realizing that writing really truly is part of who I am and so I vow to continue with Turning Ground and wholeheartedly share my musings, discoveries, ups and downs with you.

My physical health could also use a little pick me up in the new year. Lately I’ve been a little too generous with the flours and sugars and far too stingy with the vegetables. I want to feel good and making subtle changes in my diet is how I’m going to do it!veggies

And so I propose to you, dear reader, a brand new year with health as it’s focus. For me, it means writing more and eating better and for you it means the opportunity to be a part of the first-ever Turning Ground Healthy Eating Challenge. 

Here’s how it works:

Beginning on January 21st, I will email Healthy Eating Challenge participants the first of an eight week meal plan complete with recipes and grocery lists. The plan is an eight week guided reset for your body- to reign in the sugar addictions and to clean the body up so that it no longer feels sluggish, tired and blah! The hardest part of making dietary changes is the meal planning but have no fear! I will do all of this for you. The Healthy Eating Challenge isn’t a ‘diet’ but because the Challenge includes lots of fruits, veggies and other wholesome foods- chances are you’ll shed a few pounds on the program. More importantly, by the end of our six weeks- you will feel great! You’ll sleep better, have more energy, be more positive and will have created new, healthy habits that will last. 

So! Are you game? Will you give me eight weeks to get a new you? The cost of the program is $10 per week- a grand total of $80. I do all the planning (the hard work) for you. Participants can connect on Turning Ground and commiserate  about our ups and downs, our successes and our set backs and together we can make 2013 a wonderful, healthy year.

Please email if you are interested and I’ll get you set up for the first Turning Ground Healthy Eating Challenge.stacked_fruit

I’m looking forward to working together. It’s gonna be a great year!

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