A Great Attitude Goes A Long Way…

This is a great post from one of the WordPress blogs I follow. Robin is an enchanting writer and her musings are always relevant and loving. This post is about manifesting what you want in life…something I’ve been working hard on. I’m always amazing when something I’ve focused on manifesting comes to fruition. It feels like magic and maybe it is? It feels good to believe in magic.



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How I Manifest Stuff

by thebalancedsoul

Hey Everyone! Balanced and off-Balanced alike! Welcome and hello 🙂

Recently I have been enjoying an extraordinary influx of inspiration, affirmations becoming physical realities quickly and easily, and a whole heaping TON of delicious energy.

thought you might like to know what I have been up to, to receive such massive loveliness.

1. Figure out that you are Worthy, Deserving, and Ready.  I know it sounds simple, but for a long time I didn’t get over this hump.  I thought other people, who were more patient, less judgmental,  less condescending when they were hungry, (insert your thing-you-judge-yourself-for here), were more deserving than I was.  Then I started to just chill out about all that.

I mean, I started a daily (mostly) meditation/rest practice (who am I kidding, I fall asleep a LOT when I’m ‘meditating’ but how’s THIS: I am NOT attached to any outcome! So sleeping is cool with me. BOOM! Take that, Negative Voice!) and began to feel really Good about mySelf.  Like I really DO deserve to feel awesome. All the time. No matter what.

2. Figure out how you want to feel in your life.  We have all heard “Let Desire lead you,” right?  It is all over the manifestation, Law of Attraction stuff.  But…how much of the time are you clear about what you want, on the level of HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL?We gotta start with the FEELING, and THEN set intention, goals and the like, to support the FEELING.

In my last post, I chatted a bit about Core Desired Feelings, a la Lovely Danielle LaPorte.  But really, it doesn’t matter how you get there: just get there.  Decide upon a list of words (I’m thinkin’ 5-15 words or so) that you want to describe how YOU feel at any given moment, in your perfect world.  Then start figuring out ways to feel those things.

They can be small, small things: texts, tweets, perfume, food habits, clothes, how you give, how you receive….you see, right? It’s actually a nice little project, because most of us start by thinking, “Oh, I mean, I want to feel good.”  But there are SO MANY more amazing, specific words you can find, that make you totally unique and make your experience delicious.

By the way, Pinterest is AWESOME for making boards about your Desired Feelings, and affirming those things in your life.  Want a vision board? There it is, free.  If you need an invite, just put the word out and people will get you in 😉  You can even ask me. Open door!

3. Write things down, in  the form of a prayer.  I used to be REALLY not into prayer.  I had this image drilled into my mind that it (prayer) made me subservient, made me “less” in some way.

NOPE.  It turns out that when I pray, I feel more Free, Connected, and Strong (a couple of my Core Desired Feelings, by the way) because I am taking responsibility and reaching.  And if nothing is listening? Well then, Nothing certainly has an interesting way of looking like Something, because Sh*t changes when I pray about it.

So find a notebook, and maybe start with some affirmations, about the power of your prayers, thoughts, and your worthiness.  Make sure that when you pray, you are in a centered, clear state: not a state of freaking out, neediness.  The Stuff will listen, and magnify THOSE feelings, rather than clear them away.  You gotta pray from a place of More, Please….not “NO more, I beg you.”

4. Take Steps.  This is super-duper ridiculously Important. It’s also the scary part.  But here’s the thing, Lovebugs: there is NOT a step that will NOT move you forward.  You’re afraid of doing the wrong thing? Of hating it? Of messing up? 

Uh, welcome to the human race, dahlin’. We mess up.  We also happen to have Free Will to change our Minds….so, ahem, there’s no excuse.  Get off your tushy.  Nothing makes the Universe take notice like action. The action can be SMALL: like….making a phone call.  Or emailing a contact that might be able to help or support you.  Or it can be ginormouus, like a bank loan, or moving somewhere.  It all depends on what FEELS good and necessary to achieve those Core Desired Feelings. Seriously. Start with what is easiest, that you have the resources for already, and then GO DO SOMETHING.

If it doesn’t lead where you thought it might, DO SOMETHING ELSE with that lovely heart of yours!  You will be placed on a path that is SURE to lead you to your Desires.  You need to keep taking steps.  So do I.

And here is the kicker I am learning: in the beginning, there’s a little Fear, a little trepidation.  Then you start doing stuff, and it gets easier.  And your actions get louder.  And opportunities open up (like when we follow our bliss, just like Joey Campbell said!!) that were not there before, but are perfect for us! Even if the energy we are generating is not directly related to our “goals”, if we are feeling (insert Desired Feeling) with it, then we HAVE achieved the goal.  the goal is the feeling.

Feelings and thoughts turn into things (thanks Mike Dooley).  Start with the feeling. Rock it out.

So there ya go.  Happy manifesting!  I love you.




That’s what I’m doing.  Maybe it helps you figure out what to do, too…and if not, that is SO OKAY!!  Because guess what: sharing it makes ME feel Abundant, Connected, Worthy, and Loving.

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