Oh My! How I’ve Missed You…

It’s been little over a year since Turning Ground began and I’ve truly come to view my circle of fellow bloggers and readers as family…Valentine treeBut last month part of my website ‘shifted’ and I started losing buttons and ads and followers. Bit by bit it felt like the site was falling apart. This, as it turns out, was due in part to my less-than-techie skills with the intimidating world of computers and websites (I mention quite frequently that my passions involve digging up vegetables and plucking harp strings- NOTcomputer programming) but on another level- an energetic level, it was due to the fact that recently  I’ve moved my focus away from blogging and into the world of publishing and freelancing. These are both good things, fulfilling and new, but the shift was too great I think- it happened with such force and quickness that it wrenched me away from my virtual family- YOU- and things started to fall apart. Heart Tree2

But now I’ve got it partly sorted out…(sortof). Balance is like a precocious child that teeters and totters and always threatens to  jump off of the precipice upon which it wobbles. I feel better when I connect to my blogging community and I am here now to say to you that I’m back! Thank you for sticking with me. There’s plenty more great things to come at Turning Ground. I hope you’ll stay for a while.

With gratitude and love,

KayHeart Tree 3

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