YES!!!! She ate it!

YES!!! She ate it!

…Filling up on milk and thinking about eating her supper…

It’s always a challenge to make healthy food something your kids actually want to eat. Not that I haven’t tried. I gush over strawberries, I fawn over cashews but somehow cultural kid food ‘norms’ have crept into the palates and mindset of my children. They love noodles and they love cheese and if what I offer at the supper table isn’t made up of those two ingredients (and I assure you, it usually isn’t) they turn up their noses and scoff at the yummy, healthy things I put a lot of effort into making for them.

YES!!! She ate it 3

…Enjoying a healthy meal…

But today I celebrate a small victory. Calixa ate her supper…and she didn’t just eat it- she ate it without whining, fussing or carrying on! She even said, “I like it mom, I really really like it.” Ha! I win!

On the menu were sweet potato fries (they always eat these) and and experimental ‘pasta’ composed of rice vermicelli and spaghetti squash. This noodle mixture was topped with homemade tomato sauce blended with tofu.

“I like it mom, I really really like it.” Those words are like sweet music to my ears. I’ll be re-playing them over and over again for many days to come.

YES!!! She ate it 2

Rice noodle vermicelli mixed with spaghetti squash and topped with homemade tofu and tomato sauce.

It feels good to succeed once in a while. It makes all of the planning, the cooking, the shopping, the gardening, the slaving over a hot stove worth it.


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