Knit Infinity Scarf

 IMG_3185I don’t often post about crafts. I love being crafty but it takes time that I usually don’t have and almost everything I want to do involves learning how first (thank you Youtube!). My saving grace is car trips. If I have the genuine good fortune of not driving AND my kids are behaving themselves in the back seat then I get to knit…What a wonderful way to enjoy several hours of confinement.

A few weeks ago we all traveled out to visit Nanna and when we arrived home again I had a lovely alpaca infinity scarf to show for our journey. Ravelry is a wonderful site, chock full of ingenious patterns by super talented fiber artists. 

This pattern originally came from Jeanette Sloan via Ravelry but after about two hours of practice I still couldn’t master her pattern (I am no expert) so I modified it to my skill level. It became a lovely scarf that you simply make until you get a length of scarf that will wrap three times around your neck. To measure the length you’ll need and make this knit as personal as possible, take a measuring tape (the kind you use for sewing) and wrap it loosely around your neck three times. There you go! Your own perfect length.  IMG_3190

I used a medium weight alpaca on size 5.5mm (US9) needles.


k-knit   p-purl   yo-yarn over   sl– slip stich  k2tog– knit two stitches together Ky2rn– knit one stitch but wrap yarn over needle twice before pulling it back through. unKkp– unwrap the double-wrapped knit stitches moving the yarn onto the right needle, move yarn back to left needle and then knit without pulling the stich off, bring the yarn tail to the front and purl the stitch. An example of something very similar to this can be found on Jeanette’s video tutorial.

This pattern begins with a provisional cast on. If you don’t know what this is here’s a link to a youtube video that explains it all.

Cast on 25 stitches using the provisional cast on.

Row 1- purl

Row 2-  k2, sl1, Ky2rn, Ky2rn, *yo, k1, p1, k2tog* repeat from * 3 times (4 pattern repeats total),  Ky2rn, Ky2rn, sl1, k2

Row 3- p3, unKkp, unKkp, *p2, k1, p1* repeat from * 3 times (4 pattern repeats total), unKkp, unKkp, p3

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your scarf is the desired length.

Finish by leaving your stitches on one needles. At the other end of your scarf carefully pull out your provisional yarn, exposing your live stitches. With a sewing needle and yarn, sew your live stitches from the scarf’s beginning to your live stitches at the scarf’s end.


Two years after I bought my new winter jacket…I have a nice scarf to match…just in time for spring, lol.



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