Spring Dresses and the Easter Bunny

Spring Dresses and the Easter bunny 2It seems like every spring (I’m judging spring by the calendar, not the weather which is firmly set to Arctic) I get the sewing itch. I think about sewing all the time but it seems that lately the only time it actually comes to fruition is around Easter. This year the dress that I made for Cally last year (and which at the time she obstinately refused to wear) had morphed from slightly large and “ugly” to “perfect for a princess”. Princess Calixa donned her recycled Easter dress and coupled with a beautiful silk flower hairband made by my good friend Fiona, she really did look the part. Spring Dresses and the Easter BunnyLeela, on the other hand- with her finger up her nose and her hair in dreads, looked more the pauper than the princess and so it was for her that I cobbled together a dress fit for royalty. Luckily, some of Calixa’s original dress material remained from last year so all I really had to do was adjust the pattern size, find leftover fabric pieces that were big enough and sew it all together. The total cost of the project was $1.87 which I dispensed for bunny-shaped buttons. Fiona also finished Leela’s look with a lovely silk flower hairband (which she sells on her Etzy page, Babes in Bowland).Spring Dresses and the Easter bunny 4

The photo shoot was so much fun. Cadbury, the Easter bunny lay quiet and content while the kids threw plastic eggs, refused to take soothers out of their mouths and generally acted like kids. In the end, they were all rewarded with chocolate (in hindsight, not a good idea) and we now have everlasting memories of spring dresses, silk flowers and the Easter bunny.Spring Dresses and the Easter bunny 3

Here’s the book where the dress patterns came from. It’s in French but it is such an endearing tome I can’t live without it!

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