Winter’s End Is Imminent…right?

photo 2This morning with the wind chill the temperature ’round here was -27c (translation, -16.6F). With daily highs normally ten degrees above freezing (and 30 degrees warmer than it felt here this morning), today is testimony to the fact that around here winter’s never gonna leave!

It’s depressing, it’s frustrating and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it…or is there? My calander is adament about the fact that yesterday was April 8th and stubbornly insists that spring will come and so despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Calixa and I planted seeds. photoIt is amazing to witness the joy of discovery in a child, the moment when they understand that they have a hand in nurturing life from of a tiny seed and urging it to fullness. With  patience and focus unusual for a child of four, Cally gingerly placed seeds into each of the 56 pots of soil I prepared last night with glistening optimism. We both believed that if we planted seeds, then spring would have to come… it would just have to!photo copy

In about a week those little seedlings will begin to poke through the soil that Calixa says, “smells so good!” and whatever the weather does outdoors, we’ll have our own little piece of springtime in here, together- helping life start anew.


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