Homemade Rice Milk

Leela can’t digest milk and prior to the age of three, Calixa was the same. The poor little soul gets rashy when she drinks the white stuff and so I expect, like her sister, she probably won’t be able to drink milk for at least another year.

We therefore offer our little stinker almond and rice milk…the grocery bill reflects her variety of choice when it comes to beverages as rice and almond milk tally at about double the price of the animal kind and it was this bottom-line evidence that got me thinking…

Rather than buying rice milk, maybe I could learn how to make it? Yeah, why not? I found a recipe online that didn’t seem too taxing and I decided to give it a go.

Rice Milk

Toast 1 c. of brown rice, flipping the pan regularly until the grains are nice and golden.

Rice Milk 2

Soak the toasted rice in 2 c. of filtered water for 24 hours.

Rice Milk 3

Add a pinch of salt and 1 Tbsp maple syrup to taste and blend the water-logged rice. Then pour your whizzed-up rice through a cheese cloth. Voila! Rice milk.
Rice Milk 5Does it taste as good as the store-bought kind? According to my four-year-old, “no way mommy, this drink is just so yucky.” But she’s biased- after all, she’s comparing homemade rice milk to the thrilling world of cow milk that she’s been successfully digesting for a year now. Leela’s young palette was a lot more forgiving- it may not be as tasty as the store bought kind but when you compare $2.50 per box to a cost of about $0.15 per pitcher of the home-made stuff the bottom line speaks for itself.



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