Special Nannas Make Jello Smoothies







I am a firm believer in the idea that dessert isn’t truly great unless it contains fruit. Fruit in and of itself is such a wonderful food it hardly seems necessary to fiddle with perfection- but then again, I also like sugar and flour (see previous posts about scones).IMG_3540

Last weekend, my mother-in-law  introduced a new and interesting flavor to my dessert repertoire and surprisingly, it contains no fruit…In fact, it really isn’t healthy at all but the point I want to make about this strange and delectable dessert is that although it is full of chemical flavor enhancers and carcinogenic dyes, it was made with love by nanna and that act alone is one of the most grounding experiences of all.IMG_3542

She and the girls poured, measured and stirred together- squabbling, double-dipping and occasionally squealing, to create this wonderful post-dinner masterpiece. Their energies came together and elevated this humble offering into something special, like a candy-coated hug. Although I may have had reservations about the ingredients, once I witness the fun the girls had making it (and once I tasted it), I decided that I could make an exception to the rules every now and then and eat a dessert that in no way, shape or form resembles fruit.IMG_3545

1 small package of jello (the size that calls for 1 c. hot water and 1 c. cold water)

1 c. hot water

2 c. vanilla ice cream

In a medium bowl, dissolve your jello into the hot water and then slowly, stir in the ice cream. This process takes  a while, so while you stir it might be a good idea to keep an extra serving of ice cream to snack on. Place your Jello smoothie in the fridge for a few hours until it sets. Serve with a generous dollop of whipped cream.IMG_3579

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