For the love of Strawberries

IMG_4107It’s strawberry season around here which means non-stop full-throttle processing in the kitchen. Yesterday the girls and I braved the heat and humidity at the local U Pick and managed to fill several ice cream pails full of luscious, ripe, juicy berries. Once home we scrambled to freeze, dehydrate and jamify all of those lovely beauts into what I hope will be enough strawberry sustenance to get us through the winter. IMG_4091

But why not just buy strawberries in the winter?…well, I’ll admit that I do on occasion purchase berries in December at the grocery store but they don’t taste as good… not even close! In fact, once you get used to the real deal- local, fresh berries that are so warm and juicy the slightest bump will cause them to explode into delicious dark red syrup, it’s really hard to eat and enjoy anything else. Those berries are only around for about a week each year and I’d much rather save those little gems as preserves to enjoy year ’round than eat mealy, imported, massive-carbon-footprint, full-of-chemicals, a far cry from fruit strawberries. For me, it’s worth the effort. IMG_4088IMG_4103



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