Barnacles! Those are some UGLY potatoes.

IMG_4562Today was the day to dig potatoes and if there’s anything I can guarantee about gardening it’s that nothing ever works ‘perfectly’.  Actually, I think gardening is a wonderful lesson in lowering expectations.

My lovely friend Goldy keeps a list of quotes on her fridge and my favorite by far is the one that reads, ‘the cause of stress is the gap between expectation and reality’. So true!

I’m learning. In the spring when I planted those beautiful potato seeds I did not expect beautiful potatoes in the fall, instead I expected a mediocre harvest of vegetables resembling potatoes…now that fall is here I’ve discovered that my expectations were utterly in line with reality. There is laughable no stress or disappointment.

This year’s potato crop is so full of scabs it’s hard to tell what color the skin underneath is. They look like potato shaped blue whales riddled with barnacles. BUT the internet assures me that while their skins may be rough and ugly, their insides are still deliciously edible and so I’ll simply need to peel these tubors before eating them this winter.


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