Our Halloween Disaster

photoThe evening before Halloween I rummaged through the Holiday box and discovered that despite my total lack of foresight, I had indeed stashed two bags of candy away for this year’s trick or treaters. Relief washed over me as I touted the sweet treats up the stairs and proudly displayed my find to Trevor who rolled his eyes. The patter of little footsteps interrupted my moment of glory, replaced instantly by gut wrenching panic, “oh God, I gotta hide this candy quick!” I thought, and the bags of Tootsi pops and caramels were deftly shoved into the over. I spun ’round as the little candy monsters appeared around the corner. Smiling as though nothing had happened I promptly forgot about the treats hidden behind me and usher the girls into the bathroom to brush their teeth.

The next afternoon was frantic. Two children positively buzzed around the house in a pre-trick or treating frenzy. I had a lot to do, pull the stewed beef apart, vacuum the floor, set the table, check and double check costumes. I clicked the oven to 400, thankful that I’d mixed up the batter for the Yorkshire puddings that morning before work. The vacume whirred, drowning out the children’s sounds of impish glee and trouble making delight. “Geez there’s a lot of dog hair on the floor,” I mused in futile as the vacume buzzed across the floor…and then the smell hit my nostrils. It was as if my olfactory nerves had rammed right up against a thick, oozing wall of sugar and smoke.
The sound of a hundred tootsie rolls hitting the bottom of the oven snapped me back to the present. “Oh *#*%#*! The candy!” I hollered letting the vacume fall with a crash to the floor. Genuinely terrified the girls followed after me squeaking out appeals, “what’s wrong mommy?” “Why are you saying that mom?” I wrenched open the oven door to discover the candy aflame, the searing stench of burnt sugar making me gag. “Oh mom,” Calixa admonished, “again?” All I could do was laugh. Yes again. I seem to have developed a habit of pyromaniacally abusing the oven. I clicked off the switch, Turned on the fan, opened the door and took a picture. What else could I do? THIS was going to be some fun to clean up.

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