Knit a Family…in Only Three Years

Knit Family 7A few years ago I acquired a fantastic little book called, “Twas the Knits Before Christmas” by Fiona Goble. This charming book not only re-tells Clement Moore’s famous catalytic Christmas rhyme, it also contains illustrations and instructions on how to create, byknitting, the delightful characters in the poem.

“What a delicious idea,” I thought. “I’ll just change a few things…”

If you’ve read Turning Ground before you’ll know that I really don’t like following directions (however professional or well-intended they may be). I prefer to do things ‘the hard way’ and for the most part- that usually works out for the best.

SO! I wanted to knit the characters in Fiona Goble’s book but I wanted them to look like my family. That way the girls could play with their very own likenesses in their lovingly handed-down dollhouse (without any freaky voodoo).

…it took three years…

The first year, when Leela was only 6 months old and Cally a toddler, I made the two little munchkins.

knit family 4

knit family 3





knit family 8The second year I tried and tried and tried to alter the reindeer pattern to look more like our yellow lab, Farley. It turned out as a hybrid but the girls didn’t mind.Knit family 9knit family 6





The third year, after lengthy and vocal requests from both girls,  two-and-a-half and five, I finally finished the family with dad- complete with grey hair and, ahem, myself. You can see the resemblance is uncanny 🙂Knit familyKnit family 11





Knit family 10Knit family 2






The doll house is now fully furnished with it’s very own knit family. They girls love playing with the toys and don’t care that the characters aren’t store bought or don’t look like their friend’s toys. As a matter of fact, when their friends do come over to play the doll house is usually the first place they go. It’s always fun to overhear  a child remarking, “hey! These dolls look like your family!”

“Yup, my mom made them,” is my five-year-old’s matter of fact reply.

It was totally worth it.

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