Surprises in the Mail- The Postcard Challenge

photoI love getting the mail. No, I don’t mean firing up the computer and clicking on my inbox- I love getting the real mail.

Walking with the kids over the swinging bridge, feeling the fresh new spring sun on our faces, opening the mailbox and discovering that someone has sent you something special is one of the highlights of my day.

Letter mail is reminiscent of another time, another era when getting something in the mail meant that someone who cared about you took the time to write.  It’s certainly more exciting than the flyers and bills that usually populate my modern-day inbox.

Yesterday was an exceptional day. An old friend sent me a postcard! It’s been years since a postcard has found its way onto our fridge and after reading it’s backside, I happily applied it to the front of our kitchen appliance.

It was such a treat to get the postcard that I’ve decided to put it out there for the whole universe to respond to. If you send me a postcard I send one back to you.

I will lovingly read whatever you chose to write and will honour your effort by mounting your paper offering for all to admire in the centre of our world- the kitchen fridge.

What a novelty, was a delightful surprise! Imagine getting postcards from across the country, ocean or hemisphere. Whatever you send I’ll post on the site.

There! It’s out there.

I can’t wait to see what comes in the mail.

Turning Ground

Box 307

Souris, MB

Rok 2C0postcards

Challenge ends June 1, 2014

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