Ice Cream Imposters

IMG_4826You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream…even when it’s not. My children love frozen treats, especially, but not limited to days when the mercury tops out (although they’ve been known to indulge mid winter). I enjoy watching their elated faces when I present them with a cone of delicious iced cold goodness. I get an especially ludicrous thrill as they devour what they think is ice cream when what they are really eating is way healthier. Really good blenders do more than just mulch fruits and veggies into pulpy drinks, they can also blend frozen fruits into something that very closely resembles ice cream. Those blenders are a game changer and for that I am glad!
These frozen treats have a consistency somewhere between thick ice cream and icy sorbet and it melts a little faster than the frozen treats you’d find in the freezer section of the local grocery store. But unlike processed freezer novelties, because you are the one making it, you can be absolutely sure that your frozen treat is full of tones of great ingredients with none of the additives, emulsifiers and preservatives you don’t want.

Here’s how to make a delicious frozen treat your kids (and you) will adore.

Serves 2

1 c frozen strawberries
1 c. frozen pineapples
approximately 1/4 c. milk or milk substitute
1/2 c. plain greek yogurt


It’s loud!

Place all of the ingredients into a blender and have a wooden spoon handy (if you are using a Vitamix with the plunger accessory have that ready for action). Set the blender to low and start grinding up the frozen fruit. Stop the blender at regular intervals and push down the fruit mash so the blades can get to it. This process is a bit tedious and the sound your blender makes is horrific, but stick with it. I promise, this works. Keep blending, stopping and pushing the ingredients down into the blades until your project begins to resemble ice cream. Once you arrive at the consistency you’re craving (and you may need to add a splash more milk) scoop your delicious treat into a cone or a cup and serve immediately.

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