Tropical Crepes

photo-crepes“Mommy? I want those pancakes, you know, the flat ones that you roll up?”
“You mean crêpes?”
“Yeah the roll up ones.”
And this is how the conversation goes on Saturday mornings these days. My near-seven-year-old requests her favourite version of ‘pancakes’ and I oblige because, lets face it, crêpes are amazing.
The key difference between a crêpe and a pancake, beside thickness if course, is the fact that a true crêpe is completely oblivious to the rising process. Pancakes are almost always made with a levening agent, like baking powder. Not so the crêpe. Ingredients are very simple: flour, egg milk, light sugar, but there is an important step you must take when making crêpes- the wait. Once you’ve mixed together your ingredients, small air bubbles exist within the batter. Waiting just 20-30 minutes before cooking, gives these air bubbles time to escape and prevents the dreaded rising of a crêpe into the realm of pancake-dom.
Once you’ve cooked your crêpes the sky is the limit for fillings. Savory, sweet, healthy or not-so-much. Crêpes elevate the foods they are mixed with and transform a ho-hum meal into something spectacular.

This morning I had tropical flavours on hand and whipped up a Tahitian treat any near-seven-year-old would adore.

shredded coconut
Chopped pineapple

Chopped melon

2/3 c. plain flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tbsp icing sugar
2 eggs lightly beaten
1 c. milk
4 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp butter, melted

In a blender combine all the crêpe ingredients and whiz until fully mixed together. Set aside and wait 20-30 minutes.

Heat your frying pan, crêpe pan or grill to medium and grease with a dollop of butter. Pour 1/2 ladle-full of batter into the pan and then swirl the batter with the back of the ladle until the crêpe is about as flat as it can get. After about a minute the top will be set and the bottom will turn a lovely golden colour. Flip and cook another minute on the other side.

Serve warm with your tropical filling, roll and enjoy.

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