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About Turning Ground…

Hi I’m Kim (aka Kay). I’ve been building Turning Ground since 2012 and have loved every moment of this crazy journey. Read on to see what I do.

The Blog…Years ago we moved from a big city to a small town. There were many reasons why we made the move but the most uncomplicated answer is that we wanted to simplify our lives. Two kids later, I am still learning how to make life ‘simple’. The baby boomer generation gap means that I never learned how to do a lot of the ‘simple’ things that my grandparents and great grandparents could. This re-learning of traditional living for me mainly revolved around food, gardening, meditation, yoga and living a life filled with happiness. The Turning Ground blog, which began in 2012, puts into words my efforts to simplify, plant my feet in the ground and live a life that flows with the land and the seasons. It has grown to include food, yoga, dance fitness, shopping and many other things that I’ve discovered make this wonderful life more purposeful and complete.


yogaAbout Yoga…

I began my yoga journey many years ago as a curious teenager. Years later, when my first daughter was born I found I needed more than my personal practice could give me. Teaching yoga was the natural next step. I deepened my practice through formal training, workshops, books and most importantly, experience. I’ve been teaching since 2009 and am always delighted to discover that there is still plenty to learn. Yoga has enriched my life beyond measure, it has supported me through difficult times and lifted me higher through the good ones. My practice has shown me how to be happy, how to enjoy each and every day and how to make the most of this great adventure we call life. I love to share what I know with my students and aspire to share all of the gifts I’ve received in return. Please join me on this wonderful journey. You are most welcome.


About Dance Fitness…12015225_10153563913196125_2723390005531410396_o

Nearly two decades ago I trained as an aerobics instructor…but I never taught. The fear of forgetting my routine, of standing in front of a class without anything to teach paralyzed me and prevented me from leading a fitness activity that I’ve always loved. It wasn’t until I reached my mid thirties that things shifted and some of that fear slipped away. Through loving guidance I found that contrary to what the butterflies in my tummy were telling me, leading a fitness class wasn’t scary- it was fun and so many years later, I re-trained and became certified as a Dance fitness instructor. With Dance Fitness it is all about the music which makes it fun and exciting with easy to follow dance routines that keep you moving all workout long. I blend exciting and uptempo music with fitness and yoga moves. It’s an original class and so, so, SO much fun. Sometimes I still forget my routine but we all just laugh it off and keep dancing.


About Aesthetics and Wellness…

Many years ago I trained as an aesthetician and though I’d not intended at the time for aesthetics to become such a central part of my career, the long and the short of it is that I just LOVE what I do! It’s hard to imagine EVER giving it up. I adore helping others look and feel beautiful. I work both physically and energetically with clients to find solutions to skin care concerns and it gives me great satisfaction when I help clients find the products that best suit their current lifestyle and needs. Over the years I’ve worked as an aesthetician, make-up artist and educator in the skincare industry and nearly two decades of experience has served to deepen and enliven my passion for my work.



Text or email to make appointments or sign up for classes.

Phone: 403-638-9659   email: turningground@gmail.com

The Turning Ground Studio is located at 33465 RR50, near Sundre Alberta.

Turning Ground Studio is also a private residence so please call ahead if you plan on stopping by outside scheduled class times.



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