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We have moved! Yoga classes as well as aesthetics services are all located at our new address: 33465 RR 50. 

 What do classes cost?:

Yoga Drop in   $14                                      

Yoga punch pass   $130 (+1 free)                                                              

Registered classes                           The length of registered class sessions varies. Cost works out to $9  per class. There are no make up classes if you miss. If I have to cancel a class, I will schedule a make-up class OR offer a cash return for the value of the class missed. 


Class Descriptions

These classes can change depending on the season. Check with the current schedule to see which ones are running right now.

Yoga Hatha Flow

A 75 minute class that covers all the elements of a complete yoga class: meditation, pranayama, physical postures (asana) and of course, savasana (ahhhhhhh). This class accommodates all levels of students and many variations of poses are offered. Beginners will feel comfortable starting here. There’s something new every week and with each class you will enjoy a complete yoga practice that will give you strength, increase your flexibility, improve your focus and concentration and help you to make more peace in your life.  

75 minutes

Yoga Core

 Our core is both our literal and energetic center of our balance and strength. Many of us shut down around this area causing back pain, mis-aligned posture, suppressed emotions, and even poor digestion. The 75 minute core class offers a flowing style of yoga that integrates breath work and movement with core strength and awareness. With core yoga, you’ll discover increased strength, stability and focus.  Awaken your core and become strong & resilient both on and off your mat!

75 minutes

Yoga Hatha Beginner/ Gentle

A gentle paced class for those who’ve never tried yoga before or those who want a gentle practice. In Beginner Hatha we explore the philosophies of yoga as well as it’s physical practice and introduce students to the many variations of yoga. Easy to follow themes and sequences make each class fun, focused and interesting. Ideal for all levels of fitness. 

75 minutes

Yoga Restorative

Restorative yoga is not a workout.  Restorative yoga is a class that helps you to honour your busy self with 75 minutes of YOU TIME. Restorative yoga gives you the rest you need and deserve. Comfortable, supported postures help to articulate the spine and muscles without physical effort. Props cradle you in your poses and allow you to rest fully and to recharge your batteries. We cannot give our best when we are feeling depleted. Restorative yoga is your chance to fill yourself up and leave feeling wonderful, rested and complete. 

75 minutes

Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Seniors is a very gentle series designed for adults in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who want to improve their activity levels and build strength, balance, mobility and range of motion in their joints and spine.
The class will include breath work, meditation, gentle stretching, a balancing sequence and relaxation. For participants who have limited mobility, the poses will be adapted to the chair. 
Suitable for seniors who have had no yoga experience or have had limited physical exercise recently.

75 minutes

Dance Fitness and Lunch time Quickie

Dance fitness is a medium to high intensity cardio workout that’ll get you moving and smiling and it is all about the music. It’s fun and exciting with easy to follow dance routines that keep you moving all workout long. It’s easy to burn 600 calories in a Dance Fitness class and not even realize it because you were having so much fun. Join the party and see what Dance fitness can do for you!

60 min and 40 min

Yoga/Dance Fitness Blend 

Dance Fitness is a medium to high intensity cardio workout that’ll get you moving. Your warm body intensifies the yoga workout portion of the class, allowing you to move deeper in postures and flow more smoothy though vinyasa. It’s fun and exciting with uptempo music and plenty of energy. 

60 min



Sample videos of the classes offered at Turning Ground Yoga and Wellness- click here


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