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Eminence is the in-house skincare line at Turning Ground. Eminence is an amazingly powerful and effective skincare line that is chock-full of feel-good integrity. Eminence aligns perfectly with the values at Turning Ground: it is cruelty-free, organic, earth-friendly and with more than half a century of experience and European know-how, Eminence is a line that delivers! Click here to learn more about Eminence online.

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Chickadee Farm Organic Herbal TeasTea

Three amazing teas to chose from: Rosehip, Peppermint and Everyday Herbal Blend.
Chickadee Farm is a second-generation, small family farm that strives for sustainable organic stewardship of the land in harmony with the forest around us. They are located in the farming community of Flatbush in north-central Alberta, Canada.
Chickadee Farm sell only herbs grown in their garden or ethically wildcrafted from the surrounding boreal forest.
Their teas are good for you, taste great and do no harm to the land they are grown from. Ahimsa tastes so good!

Will Ship in Canada- shipping charges apply

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Domo Stoneground Teas

Three delicious flavours to chose from: London Fog (Earl Grey + Vanilla), Chai (Indian spice and black tea), Elixo (Cold-buster roibos and antioxidants). Domo is a Vancouver-based company with a passion for tea. They make all their products in Canada from 100% natural stone-ground tea, because stone-ground means more nutrients, more antioxidants and fuller flavour.Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.33.09 PM

$11/ bag
Will Ship in Canada- shipping charges apply

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Children’s Ebook

My first eBook was released in November, 2012.

A special present for a pen pal in Maui turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth when Penny shares her gift with Santa Clause. Now she must commandeer a sleigh, carrying a very sick Santa, from Canada’s frozen north to the middle of the Pacific ocean to ask her Hawaiian friend for help. Will Penny and Kimo be able to save Christmas? Just how do you fly a sleigh with eight ornery reindeer? and what the heck is lomi-lomi? A delightful story about family, culture and the spirit of Christmas.
The Macadamia Nut Emergency available for Kobo and Kindle

 $3.50/ download


Live Kefir Grains

Kefir grains are living probiotics. These chewy chunks are composed of milk protein and a whole gamut of friendly yeast and bacteria. I can send orders of Kefir grains anywhere in Canada but regret that I can’t ship internationally.

$25 (this is the cost of shipping- the kefir is free)



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