Yoga/ Dance Fitness videos

Here are some of the videos produced by Turning Ground Yoga and Wellness. They provide a sampling of the classes offered. I am still learning the ins and outs of Youtube Video production so please be forgiving with regards to lighting, child interruptions, music, images…well, pretty much all of it, lol.

These vids are free for you, the public, to enjoy but if you feel inspired and like what you watched, please make a donation. Go to the Turning Ground main page and click the ‘donation’ button on the right side bar.

Thanks and enjoy,

Yoga Videos

Hatha Practice

Restorative Yoga

Core Strength

Sun Salute (Surya Namaskar)

Gayatri Mantra Moving Meditation

Intermediate Yoga Practice




Dance Fitness Videos

Shake Rhyddim- 2016 Dance Fitness and Yoga Fundraiser

OPA! 2016 Dance Fitness and Yoga Fundraiser



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